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We believe that for every person of faith or who is still searching for God is crucial to have their spiritual home, spiritual leaders and community. The place where they could grow and discover answers to important life questions. We invite you to join our weekly worship and to cherish faith together. Sing praises, listen to the word of God and pray.


'Sing to the Lord, praise his name;
proclaim his salvation day after day.'
Psalm 96:2

We are called to glorify Lord’s name, be joyful to gather in Him and preach God’s salvation to the world.


Live spoken message of the Gospel, the Holy Spirit doesn't leave place for doubt. It nourishes the Holy flame in every open heart even more.


Youth and kids are the priority in our church. We urge kids and youth to join our numbers in faith. We create opportunities for teens to actively participate in church life: summer camps, meet-ups, organise youth events, analyse the Holy Bible surrounded by their peers.

Youth groups


Bible studies

ages 14-23.

Fridays 18:00

5th floor, room 513.


Bible studies

ages 24-35.

Tuesdays 18:00

5th floor, room 513.

Worship evenings


Spend your leisure time meaningfully! Join our church worship events or community evenings. As well as suggest your ideas for the youth. Let's create strong bonds withyour peers in faith.

Join us!

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